Our corporate culture strongly values the contributions of every individual. We welcome the opinions and feedback of our employees and invite anyone to ask "why?" if a situation warrants deeper examination. Our people have the courage to think differently and the wisdom to understand that some wild ideas aren't practical.


Our high employee retention rate is a source of great pride. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we do not allow discrimination in any form. We evaluate all qualified applicants without regard to ethnicity, gender, disability, age or religion. We respect our employees and do not tolerate violence, sexual harassment or theft.


Working with us is challenging, stimulating and fun. We value our employees and have gone to great lengths to create a working environment in which you will want to stay for many years. These are just a few of the benefits of working with OdiSri:


    • Competitive salary based on skills and experience
    • Salary review each year based on performance


    • Pay for Performance (P4P)
    • Year end bonus: up to 2 months base salary
    • Spot bonus for outstanding performances
    • Awards: Creativity, Safety, Cost Saving, and Recycling etc.


    • Housing (VND500,000/month)
    • Food (VND650,000/month)
    • Transportation (VND300,000/month)

Personal Events Celebration and Family Support

    • Happy Birthday!
    • Happy Wedding!
    • Happy New Born Baby!
    • Bereavement Assistance - Family Member

Other Benefits

    • Support 50% cost for food and beverage at canteen
    • Full social insurance under current regulations
    • Health insurance and 24/7 accident insurance
    • Annual leave and holidays in accordance with the current regulations
    • Quarterly party
    • Union gifts on holidays
    • Opportunities for training in high-tech equipments and develop new skills
    • Bright career path within the company
    • Work safety gears, job related gadgets and tools

Bonus Policy for Employee Referral

External Referral (Applicable to organizations/individuals outside the company)

    • VND 300,000/candidate providing that the introduced candidates pass probation time and sign official labor contract.
    • Additional bonus of VND 500,000 for the referrers who introduce 5 candidates that pass probation time and sign official labor contract.

Internal Referral (Applicable to all full time employees): VND 2,000,000/candidate and it is paid to employee as follows:

    • After referred candidate pass the interview: VND 500,000.
    • After referred candidate pass probation time and sign official labor contract: VND 500,000.
    • After referred candidate work for 6 months from the date of signing the official labor contract: VND 1,000,000.


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