Surface Finisher (Painter)

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Professional Level English - Not Required

Location Company

Tan Binh IP, Binh Duong, VIET NAM OdiSri VIET NAM Company Limited


  • Assess defect of goods at finishing stage and choose the appropriate method of repair: Fill and smooth cracks or depressions, remove marks and imperfections, and repair broken parts, using plastic or wood putty, glue, nails, or screws …
  • Smooth, shape, and touch-up surfaces to prepare them for finishing, using sandpaper, pumice stones, steel wool, chisels, sanders, or grinders.
  • Testing, selecting appropriate finishing ingredients such as paint, stain, lacquer, shellac, or varnish, depending on factors such as wood hardness, surface type or product requirement
  • Finishing furniture product by natural finish and/or clear finish according to requirement
  • Recommend colors, finishes, using knowledge of wood products, fashions, and styles.
  • Paint wood product, metal product electrostatically, or by using a spray gun or other painting equipment.
  • Preparation of tools, fixtures, and other necessary tools for finishing work
  • Check the quality of output before delivery to the next stage
  • Assemble furniture
  • Assisting the team leader in training new workers when needed
  • Other duties as required by the team leader


General Requirements:

  • Gender: Male / Female
  • Education: No prerequisite, Proper experience can substitute any education.
  • Creative, can work independently
  • Has excellent eye-hand coordination and possesses a strong attention to detail
  • Willing to learn and progress

Experience Requirements:

  • At least 5 years experience at finisher/painter position in furniture company
  • Solid understanding about natural finish and clear finish for wood product.
  • Understand wood defects or imperfections and know how to fix them effectively
  • Ability to use techniques such as use of fillers, stain, polishing, color matching, pattern matching
  • Knowledge about natural oil for wood finish such as Tung oil, mineral oil, linseed oil, shellac, lacquer
  • Have spray painting skills


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